Freelance Web Development

Welcome, my name is Wouter van Vliet and I am an independent, freelance web developer.

At Interpotential we develop web applications using PHP, Perl, CSS3 and HTML5. Most work is based on our custom built CMS, which works similar to many of the open source bug ones - just easier to customize 100% to your and your customer's needs. But if you prefer to rely on one of the well known open source Content Management Systems, we can work with that too.

If you choose to see it like that, the inter in Interpotential could stand for interoperability between systems. In other words we integrate Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on into our products exactly as the client wants. For example to use the social networks for spreading the word, one-click login and signup systems or.. yeah, you name it.

We value the potential that lies within our clients and we use it to develop software that makes both them and us proud. Interpotential stands for community and cross-media. More than that, we understand the needs of nowadays internet users and we make sure to integrate all necessary aspects into our products, to offer them a good experience and make sure that no user is being excluded.